Lost learning profile

„Han Trainer Pro doesn’t record my data. The learning profile gets lost.“

Please note that all solutions suggested here are at your own risk.

How it should work

Your learning profile is supposed to be recorded every time you hit the „Save“ button and it is supposed to be loadaed every time you login with the same user name.


Due to security restrictions in Adobe Flash (that’s the technology Han Trainer Pro is based on), the learning profile cannot be stored as a normal file on MAC and Linux systems (no problems on Windows though). Instead, it is stored as a so-called „Shared Object“ (or „Flash Cookie“) which is very similar to a browser cookie (a file that stores bits of information) .

The problem (MAC versions only)

More and more browsers and privacy protection add-ons delete Cookies and „Flash Cookies“ in an effort to prevent websites and flash programs from remembering the user’s actions. In some cases, remembering such actions can compromise the user’s privacy. In our case however, remembering the user’s actions (i.e. which words the user has already learned) is a useful feature .
On Windows, where you can download a setup.exe file, this problem does not occur.


If you are using several browsers, note that only one browser might be responsible for deleting your learning profile when it is launched. Depending on your operating system and individual browser settings, one or several of the following solutions will apply:


Solution 1: Try changing your browser’s privacy settings.

In Firefox :
1.) go to Firefox > Settings > Settings > „Data protection “ tab
2.) Make sure the Box“Accept Cookies“ is ticked
3.) Make sure „keep until: “ is set to „they are no longer valid“

In Internet Explorer (if, for some reasons, you cannot install the Setup.exe on your Windows PC):
1.) go to Internet Options > „Data protection“ tab.
2.) Move slider all the way down to „accept all cookies“

Please note that by changing these settings, you permit other programs or websites to retain user related information for a longer time as well.

1.) Click here to see where Han Trainer related data is stored on your computer (.sob files)
2.) Copy these files to a secure location, e.g. a USB stick
3.) Perform cookie deletion as usual
4.) Copy Han Trainer related files back to their previous location

1.) Find out which program on your computer deletes cookies (there might be more than one)
2.) Find out if the program preforming cookie deletion allows you to exempt certain cookies from being deleted („whitelist“)
3.) Add Han Trainer Cookies to the whitelist (click here to see where Han Trainer related data is stored on your computer (.sob files))

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